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Puppy Prep 90 Minute Visit- $80-

Overwhelmed by everything on the internet or by all the advice swirling around adding a new puppy to your family? I provide a meeting in your home to help prepare you for a new puppy. From recommended books and websites, to finding the right puppy class, to preparing your home for a new puppy. I will also review the importance of quality socialization and how to set up your puppy for success. We will review a couple of training games to play with your new puppy so you start off on the right paw! 


Basic Dog Training

First Visit is 90 min  $120 

Additional Sessions: One Hour Session $80 

Private training done in your home. It is my goal to help bridge the gap in communication between dogs and their humans. I use gentle methods teaching people how their dogs learn and perceive the world, while teaching dogs how to live in a human home, while still being a dog!​ Basic training, using positive reinforcement, includes teaching basic manners such as a "wait" cue to "down", greetings without jumping and recall, to name a few. Follow up email and phone support included in the hourly rate. I go beyond training and take a lifestyle approach to living with your dog. We will review daily routine, outlets for your dog, enrichment ideas, and breed specific needs that will help you give your dog their best life. 

Basic dog training is not for behavior concerns such as fear aggression, resource guarding or separation anxiety. 


Phone Consultation $60 - 45 Minute Session

Interested in private training, but uncertain about booking an in person training session? I provide a 45 minute phone consult to discuss your questions and concerns regarding your dog.  During this session, I will give you ideas on how to make changes to the environment, feedback on training options that I can provide, and ways to improve your dog's day. 

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Dog Hikes (45 minutes)
$40 - No additional charge for second dog in the same household

Our dogs need so much more than a quick loop around the neighborhood. Our 45 minute walks allow dogs to stop and sniff, take in the day, and stretch their legs. I let the dogs lead the way with their noses and I'm happy to tag along. Whether we are enjoying freshly fallen snow or the first sign of spring, I am grateful to take in the day with your dog by my side. 

"It is a happy talent to know how to play"
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Please note: The Woodland Wag only uses gentle training methods.  

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