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Client Testimonials

"As a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant, I am very particular when hiring caregivers for my dogs. Top requirements are dependability, an eye for detail, willingness to communicate freely with me, a love for and understanding of dogs and a kind, gentle approach. Pamela Natale has it all. I trust Pam to provide what my dogs need and in the way I do so myself. She is honest, caring and trustworthy. If you don't believe me, ask my dogs. They adore Pam and it shows the minute they lay eyes on her. For me, that says it all."


-Jane Young, Former Owner of Foxfield Dog Training, Guardian of Glitter and Mensa

Abbie and Mama Hike Wrentham.JPG

"Pam cares about the health and happiness of all animals. This is obvious within the first five minutes of meeting her. She not only cares about your pup, but she also knows how to do it right. Our Lab-mix, Bubba, fell in love with Pam in an instant. She had him quite literally eating out of the palm of her hand. It was like they had known each other all their lives. If you're looking for someone to go the extra mile and enrich your dog's life, along with the mundane stuff of feeding and walking them, then Pam is your best bet. You and your pup will be happy you did."


-Rich Tamalavitch, Guardian of Bubba

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"Pam was an excellent resource when I got my puppy. As a first time dog owner I had no idea what to expect & what to do to prepare. Pam really helped make it so much less overwhelming. From puppy proofing my place to which toys were the best & safest for my newest friend, Pam had specific recommendations & was very helpful with all of my questions as I prepared to get my first dog.


On Day #1, Pam had fun games that I could already begin playing & things I could do to keep this baby puppy engaged and building a bond that would allow me to progress the training onto more difficult things. I felt like an expert after a successful first day of the “Name Game” & “Find it” had my puppy exhausted inspecting around for his scattered treats.


All of Pam's advice is based on the latest in canine behavioral science and is strictly based on positive reinforcement.


Ultimately, what I appreciated most about Pam, was her unwavering commitment to informing humans of the desires & feelings of the dogs."

-David Vidinha, Guardian of Benny

"Simply the best. If I could have only one person take care of my dogs in this lifetime, I'd choose Pam. And so would my dogs! She is dependable, takes incredible care of my dogs and is in constant communication. Look no further!"


-Jacqui Ibbitson, Guardian of Mavic and Sylvie 

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