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White Washed Wood

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Salve Regina University 


White Washed Wood

"It Depends" dog training seminar hosted by Carolyn Barney 


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Dog to Dog Dynamics seminar hosted by Sue Sternberg


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Dog Emotion and Cognition course via coursera, taught by Dr Brian Hare 


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Emotional Intelligence of Animals taught by Dr Daniel Mills 


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Karen Pryor ClickerExpo


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Pet CPR and First Aid via Pet Emergency Education 


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Slow Thinking is Lifesaving for Dogs™  taught by Laura Donaldson


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L.E.G.S.® Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation® Professional Course 

Currently Enrolled for Fall 2021

              Pamela Natale, Owner 


Hi! I'm Pamela Natale dog lover, enthusiast and creator of The Woodland Wag, LLC. The Woodland Wag is inspired by my genuine love for and admiration of dogs. I was fortunate to grow up with my childhood dog, Princess, and always knew I wanted dogs in my life as an adult. My husband and I welcomed our sweet dog, Abbie, into our family and home in July of 2013. Ever since, I have been searching for the very best for Abbie. From dog training techniques and trainers to play groups and hiking trails. 

 I am committed to a lifetime learning approach to understanding dog behavior. Completing my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Salve Regina University set a strong foundation for understanding behavior and learning theories that can be applied to dog training and handling skills. I am a certified Family Dog Mediator after completing the L.E.G.S.® Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation® Professional Course. Over the years, I have attended various dog training conferences on dog play and greetings, to the complex world of dog emotions and how to improve the welfare of dogs. I also completed an online course on Dog Emotion and Cognition. Most recently, I attended the 2019 Clicker Expo conference hosted by Karen Pryor Academy. 

I had the wonderful opportunity to shadow long time dog trainer and behavior associate, Jane Young, former operator of Foxfield Dog Training for over five years.  During that time, I attended numerous individual dog training sessions, assisted with teaching local dog training classes, and dog training demos in the Mansfield, Foxboro and Easton communities. I would not be half the dog handler I am without Jane's influence. I will be forever grateful for my opportunity to work alongside Jane, and carry her teachings with me always. Jane's philosophy can be best summarized in her quote, "Life, especially that of dogs, is too short for harsh training and too long to be without learning." - Jane Young

 Most recently, I co-taught dog training classes for the Foxboro Recreation Department in the winter of 2020. 

My philosophy is rooted in the belief that these incredible animals should be respected, loved and allowed to be dogs. I am happiest when I see a dog out and about, truly enjoying their interaction with nature and the world around them. The Woodland Wag dogs are encouraged to stop and sniff to their heart's content, frolic, play, and simply be dogs.

 Meet Abbie! Abbie is one of the biggest inspirations behind The Woodland Wag. Abbie is our 8 year old mix from Tennessee. Abbie's life started out a little bit uncertain, living outside and away from humans until fostered by a local rescue.  We don't know for certain what breed/s Abbie is, but we strongly believe she has some sort of mix between a herding breed and sight hound.  I owe much of what I know about dogs and dog behavior to Abbie. She has pushed me to learn more about dog handling skills and training, along with how to give dogs their very best life. Abbie has attended numerous training classes with me from Puppy Kindergarten to Puppy Agility, Intro to Nosework, Intro to Freestyle and a Tricks class.  Abbie and I are a team, constantly learning from one another and deepening our bond as we share our lives together.  Giving her a life full of sniff walks, off leash ball sessions, opportunities to learn and use her mind, and live in a home where she is loved, adored and respected is my top priority. Abbie will always be one of my greatest teachers. 

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